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-Supporting the innate wisdom of body, mind and spirit
with the consciousness of healing-


If you could have a conversation in English with your body, what would it say? What does it really need to restore and maintain optimal health? If only we had an "owner's manual" for our body that would allow us to troubleshoot and correct any problems that may arise.

"Health is not merely the absence of symptoms...
but is the harmony of mind, body and spirit."

Perhaps you've had a history of low back pain, or just a recent episode. Digestive problems that have plagued you for years. A knee problem that keeps you from being as active as you'd like. Maybe your child has recurring ear infections. No known cause for your frequent headaches. Maybe you've been told your cholesterol and blood pressure are too high, and drugs are the only solution. Perhaps you just don't feel as good as you'd like, and need some direction.

The goal at this clinic is to provide a window of insight into the functioning of your body, and help restore your optimal health. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that just might ignore the innate wisdom of your own body, you will experience a respectful "conversation" using body language biofeedback methods such as applied kinesiology to individualize the troubleshooting and direct the process of healing.

My practice is an evolution with three decades of search for effective and efficient methods of natural health restoration and maintenance. Some of these methods are described in detail later, but in general they include:
1. Body language biofeedback - to allow that conversation with the body and address your individual needs.
2. Holistic scope - addressing structural, biochemical, mind-body and energetic issues on a priority basis
3. Gentle methods - first do no harm, working with the body instead of against it.
4. Find the root cause - discerning original issues and addressing them is the difference between real health care rather than disease management. It's important to rekindle the vital energy of your body for deep healing rather than covering up or blocking the outward expression of an underlying problem for temporary symptom relief. By analogy, cutting the wire to that annoying oil pressure warning light in your car might not be such a good idea in the long run.

Chiropractic as a profession was born in 1895 with the philosophy that every body has an innate capacity to heal. But sometimes that innate vital force is disturbed by environmental conditions including physical trauma, toxins and stress. My purpose and goal as a chiropractor is to remove any hindrance or blockage to that innate power so that healing is the natural outcome. Through structural adjustments, nutritional counseling and other natural methods my focus is to correct the problem that concerns you the most, as efficiently as possible.

In general, you'll find our office friendly, supportive, and a source of helpful information that you can use to maintain your health. You are sincerely invited to share in a journey of discovery about your own body, and to the degree that you choose, enjoy the benefits of real health. It's your birthright and an adventure to feel good!