(Note: The following report refers to NeuroModulation Technique. NMT is a chiropractic method used to improve the information state of the body-mind for updated and optimized functioing)

“My adult son used nmt to clear away food issues he experienced since early childhood (intense gluten intolerance, extreme sugar addiction, and milk intolerance) and extreme hay fever issues. His children also cleared up food intolerances and attentional issues using nmt. These results were so beyond what I thought were possible, of course I had to give it a try. I created a long list of physical ailments that I wanted addressed. I spent 30 years trying to decipher and then tailor my eating so I would not get sick (I experienced allergy to wheat, nuts, milk, corn and any kind of starch); I had regular sinus headaches, migraines, teeth issues, liver issues, pain in kidneys, and lymph issues/edema in my legs. But what I didn’t tell Rick was my bumpy history of an abusive family of origin and first marriage. Though I experienced mental, emotional, physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse during my childhood and early 20’s, I believed the 30 years I spent addressing these issues had cleared away the residual effects.

Well my body ‘saw it differently’ and I can only say I felt transformed from the first session and each session thereafter. The diary I kept of my treatments showed I was being moved along to a wholeness (on all levels) I never experienced before. Yes I can now eat wheat; I no longer get sick for a whole day if I eat nuts or too much grain or potatoes; I am no longer afraid to eat; my digestion is actually working; I am no longer craving sugar or salt; my kidneys and liver have stopped hurting; and my legs no longer hurt. As wonderful as that is, it pales by comparison to the changes I experience in my being, my psyche. There are no words to express how I now experience myself and my life. Rick and I became a great team: I would intuit or dream what area needed to be addressed and he would find the pathway waiting to be cleared and reprogrammed. It was brilliant.

If you want to clear physical symptoms you will find nothing better or simpler. If you want to address mental, emotional, or spiritual issues – you will be so pleased. This is an amazing tool for addressing multiple dimensions/levels of distress But actually I describe it to people as a human development tool - It picks you up, dusts you off, gets you functioning properly and sends you on your way.“