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Techniques and Methods Used

“I believe that the common denominator of all healing methods is unconditional love – a love that respects the uniqueness of each individual and empowers them to take responsibility
for his or her own well-being.”
--Jack Schwarz


This is a representative list of methods that may be used in this clinic, with a short description of each. For more information about any of them either click on the provided links or click on the method title (some have an expanded explanation and description).

Think of these techniques as different languages used to communicate with the body. Since people are uniquely different in their needs and in their response to these methods, it helps to be fluent in a variety of them to have a large “tool box” that can accommodate the differences. In practice, each office visit may include elements of several of these approaches depending on how body indicators, personal history, conditions and preferences direct the process. All of these techniques (and many more not described here) are important influences in how I approach each patient and their issues, and were instrumental in the evolution of my practice style. I continually refine how they are used to get the best results in the shortest amount of time with each patient. I am grateful more than words can express for the knowledge, wisdom, creative genius and practical application that the developers of these methods have shared with a world in need of natural healing.

[Primary Systems]

APPLIED KINESIOLOGY –Uses the manual muscle test as a natural biofeedback tool by observing the changing strength or reaction time of specific muscles in response to different challenges. This helps to identify functional problems in the body and directs the use of various methods that may improve any aspect of the “Triad of Health” (structural, nutritional and emotional issues).


KOREN SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE – Chiropractic adjustments applied with a gentle tapping tool, individualized and sequenced according to unique body indicators. By enabling the innate intelligence of the body to do its best work, this vitalistic method addresses a wide range of issues in sometimes profound and unexpected ways. Because of its versatility, effectiveness and simplicity, this method is a common entry point for most patients.


SACRO OCCIPITAL TECHNIQUE – Emphasizes manual adjustments of the cranium to support cerebrospinal fluid flow, dural biomechanics and cranial nerve function.  A variety of gentle cranial bone adjustments are applied in conjunction with the use of pelvic blocks (wedges) that use gravity to adjust the body for optimal healing and function.


[Nutrition, Exercise, Lifestyle and Genetics]

METHYL GENETIC NUTRITION – Also known as the epigenetic approach to natural wellness, this is an exciting new field made possible by advances in the mapping of the human genome. With a relatively inexpensive saliva test, it is now possible to identify genetic variations that may slow down your body’s production of critical antioxidants and enzymes. This can influence how fast you age and how well you can handle challenges from an increasingly toxic world. The good news is that it is possible to nutritionally compensate for any deficiencies once they are identified. The result is a nutritional program that is specific to you and will allow you to maintain optimum health for the long run. You can access online presentations of this method by Bob Miller, ND at

BASIC  NUTRITION -- A person’s individual metabolic type will influence aspects of their optimal dietary approach. However, in our industrial society with the prevalence of chemically grown and processed food containing excess sugar, oxidized oils, GMOs, pesticide residues, and toxic additives, there are some basic guidelines that appear to work with our natural genetics and ancient heritage. This is a huge subject of utmost importance. The Weston A Price Foundation is an excellent resource for sane dietary advice. They are an organization dedicated to dispelling dietary myths and dogma with good science.

EXERCISE – This is an essential element of health restoration and/or maintenance. It can be approached from an injury rehabilitation point of view, or for basic health maintenance. This is a big subject with many opinions and preferences but I’ll share mine in the expanded section. The bottom line is - keep it simple, keep moving, and have fun.

LAB TESTING –The analysis of blood, saliva or urine samples is a helpful tool to monitor your body’s internal chemistry in response to lifestyle patterns and nutritional choices. This provides an opportunity to view the body from an individualized health perspective, and allows an accurate means to apply and monitor appropriate changes.  Although early signs of disease can be spotted, the primary focus is to support and maintain optimal health so that problems never occur in the first place.

[Point Based Systems]

ACUPOINT MERIDIAN THERAPY -- Also known as acupuncture without needles. There are many ways to stimulate the points such as finger pressure, various tapping tools, low level laser, and microcurrent.  Points are selected according to clinical data and indicators based on traditional Chinese “five element theory” as well as more contemporary studies.

FUNCTIONAL BIO-ANALYSIS – This is an elegantly simple method of scanning for the priority organ systems in need of nutritional support by identifying indicator acupoints with the muscle response test. The goal is to determine only the most helpful nutrient that supports an organ system, then monitoring the physiology as it shifts toward balanced homeostasis.

[Energetic Vial Based Systems]

HOMEOPATHY -- The use of highly diluted substances carefully selected to activate the natural healing responses of the body in specific ways. In use and development since the early 1800’s, homeopathy continues to enjoy worldwide popularity due to its low cost, effectiveness, and lack of toxic drug reactions. This is a huge subject that supports a wide variety of approaches.

LEBOWITZ PROTOCOL  This method of identifying and correcting hidden sources of inflammation such as dysbiosis (fungus, parasites, bacteria, virus, etc.), food sensitivities, toxic metals and chemicals, nutrient deficiencies, and hormone imbalances uses specialized test vials as a screening tool and the muscle test as biofeedback. The goal is to find the highest priority herbs and nutrients that restore strength to the muscle test, and support healing of the body from pernicious allergens, infections and toxins.


PSYCHOSOMATIC ENERGETICS -- Using complex homeopathic remedies to assist the resolution of deep emotional conflicts that unconsciously drain the energy resources of our mind-body. This method uses body language biofeedback to identify, measure and monitor the type and extent of these conflicts that can adversely influence or filter the way we perceive the world and ultimately create our reality


[Consciousness Based Systems]

ACCESS METHOD -- This training was developed in order to cultivate the ability of chiropractors to sense physical problems that cannot be perceived through the 'standard' five senses. Research from the 1980’s revealed a neurological basis for this phenomenon, and yielded insights that enabled most doctors to expand their range of awareness.

NEURO EMOTIONAL TECHNIQUE -- When negatively charged emotions are linked with physical symptoms and stored in the body-mind, this method facilitates their release. It uses the muscle test of applied kinesiology to discover the somatic associations, and gentle tapping of acupoints, body reflexes or spinal segments to release the neuro-emotional complex.

NEURO MODULATION TECHNIQUE – In the energy medicine realm, this is a blend of modern scientific knowledge with consciousness based healing intent, inspired and supported by contemporary understanding of quantum field theory.  It directs the ‘inner healer’ to update confused or maladapted information associated with a practically limitless range of conditions.


[Manual Therapy Based Systems]

ARTHROSTIM ADJUSTING INSTRUMENT -- This tool directs a gentle tapping percussion onto selected body points, stimulating neurological reflexes, updating local resting muscle tone, and supporting proper joint function. It is extremely specific and very effective in changing the patterns that can cause pain and restriction. This is an excellent tool for adjusting the body, particularly with Koren Specific Technique. It is well received by the body and is appropriate for all ages and body types. 

VIBRACUSSOR  INSTRUMENT --  Initially called a percussion vibrator by Robert Fulford, DO (the originator of the method associated with this instrument), it is used to release deep fascia and joint restrictions, scar tissue adhesions, lymphatic congestion, trigger points, muscle spasm, and impaired cranial and visceral motion. The currently produced model has come a long way from the original tool used in the 1940’s. It efficiently facilitates soft tissue unwinding with the percussor on the opposite side of the restriction - while being monitored and guided with a “listening” hand near the intended target.

DIVERSIFIED MANUAL MANIPULATION -- A rapid controlled thrust by the hands to specific spinal segments or other joints in the body is commonly recognized as the conventional chiropractic adjustment. It often produces the familiar “pop” with an associated release of tension. This method might be used to mobilize restricted or fixated joints and spinal segments in carefully selected patients if body indicators for it are positive and the patient tolerates this type of treatment.

MATRIX REPATTERNING -- Addresses the tensegrity structural model of body tissues - the balance between compression and tension within the continuous fascia and connective tissue. This gentle soft tissue method considers the body as an interconnected whole and helps release abnormal restrictions caused by previous shock or injury.


PRIMAL REFLEX  RELEASE  TECHNIQUE  -- This is a manual-therapy approach for evaluating and relieving musculoskeletal pain, based on the premise that over-stimulation of primal body reflexes creates pain and causes painful patterns to persist long after the triggering event has passed. By reactivating muscles in a way that “reboots” the nervous system, chronically painful areas are often quickly relieved.


[Biophoton Based Systems]

HALO  PHOTONIC THERAPY  --  This healing system uses high intensity LEDs as a light source to shine through vials containing botanical extract solutions. As photons pass through the vials they pick up the unique energetic field signature of the botanicals and transmit this energy into the body. The body responds as if the botanicals were actually present. Because this is an informational therapy rather than biochemical, it more closely resembles homeopathy, with light as the energetic transporter. The information imparted by the botanicals seems to reduce inflammation, shift the biochemistry, and promote healing with relatively long lasting effect. The empirical results observed with this system makes it an interesting area for research. There are botanical extract vials available to address a wide range of conditions.

LOW LEVEL LASER – Known by many other names from Healing Laser to Biophotomodulation, this technology is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and has been used for over 30 years in many countries. It has been proven safe and effective by over 3000 studies worldwide as a means to reduce or eliminate pain and inflammation, speed injury repair, and help the body regenerate healthy cells.                                                                                

Although there are a great variety of lasers available at this time, I have used a Q1000 low level laser in this clinic for many years and have found it to be clinically very effective. This laser produces excellent results without the need for greater power, perhaps due to its unique frequency patterns and the production of soliton waves.