[Note: When this patient told me about a remarkable experience after a chiropractic visit that occurred in September, 2007, I asked if it could be shared. The author was happy to oblige, but just wanted to remain anonymous. What resulted is not just a testimonial. This is an amazing and entertaining story, particularly when you get to the dream sequence.]

I am writing up this one at the request of Dr. Rick Schwartz. He is the Chiropractor that I credit with saving my gall bladder from being cut out by a surgeon.

Such are the shifting fashions of medicine that at this moment, the gallbladder is regarded as a useless organ that one can lose and not have much effect on one’s life. I know this to be false as I discovered when I became aware that I had a serious gallbladder problem developing. I began to have “attacks” of serious pain on the underside of my ribcage and radiating up my back after I ate, and lots of burping and indigestion – classic symptoms. I went to my primary care doctor and had an ultrasound done and sure enough there were gallstones in my gallbladder.

I researched this subject and also talked to as many people as I could about it who had had this problem. I spoke to about a dozen people who had their gallbladder removed and found that each of them was seriously compromised in some way with their digestion after the surgery. They could not eat a lot of different foods and were in pain after eating and had diarrhea, etc. I talked to doctors who told me the only remedy for me was surgery and that there would be no real problem after the surgery!  At the urging of my primary care doctor and my husband I even spoke to a surgeon who makes a lot of his living taking out gallbladders. I announced to him up front that I had no intention of getting surgery if I could avoid it. This surgeon told me that there is no other way to deal with these stones and that gangrene could develop in the gallbladder especially if a gallstone got stuck. Just last week he had taken out a gangrenous gallbladder from some woman and it fell apart in his hands. He had gotten there only in the nick of time. I looked him in the eye and said “It sure sounds to me like you are trying to scare me. That of course is unethical as we both know. You weren’t trying to scare me into getting this surgery now were you?” He backed off but threw out as I left, “You’ll be back within the year for this operation.”  

Suffice it to say, I was profoundly disappointed in the conventional medical approach.  It seemed like just a conveyor belt to surgery, and surgery of the kind that took out the whole organ not just the gallstones. So I went alternative, and after asking around I found that there was an option that might get rid of the stones.  A massage therapist told me about an olive oil and lemon treatment that lets you pass the stones. With a now almost chronically inflamed gallbladder I thought I had nothing to lose but my gallstones. Boy was I wrong!  It took me a while to work up the courage to try this but as events showed, I should have left it alone. I finally did the required cleanse – drank all the oil etc and went to bed. When I got up, I was nauseous and vomiting and felt awful with a huge pain over my liver and gallbladder. I tried to tough it out but it was still that way later in the day. I got in as an emergency patient and my primary care doctor told me that I needed to have the gallbladder out since clearly a stone had become stuck. He set up a surgery appointment for the next day.

I really felt up against it but what could I do? I thought of Dr. Schwartz who had treated me in the past and had a way of communicating with the body to find the best treatment approach. There was an opening that afternoon and I grabbed it. I went in (almost doubled over) and explained the situation to Dr. Schwartz and asked him to communicate to my body that the stone must be passed or we (me, my body and the organs like the liver) will lose the gallbladder. Dr. Schwartz worked on me for 20 minutes or so and I left in the same condition. However, when I got home I tried to do some yoga (inverted postures to possibly dislodge the stone) and meditated. Basically, I called on the organs of my body to get together and do something about this or we were going to lose the gallbladder. Period ….

I then went to bed and had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I was playing golf on this strange golf course that was a long series of tunnels. It was a competition although I never saw other players. I was guided by an invisible guide (also my caddy) that stayed at my side the entire time, telling me how to play the course and giving me the right clubs. When I was young, I played in some very minor championships as a junior at my father’s golf course. So I know something of how this game is played, the types of clubs to use and the basic strategies and lingo of the game. I have not played much since then but I still retain a monster drive that putting it mildly is not well controlled for direction. My “guide” was very serious about winning this championship and insisted that there was a great deal to lose if we lost. So I focused and took it seriously and played to his directions. We shot down tunnels that veered to the left or right and up and down hills. I played mostly short irons (my best club) and had to play precisely so as to not lose the ball on the turns. For example my guide would say, “You must hit the ball 100 yards to perch on top of that slope veering to the right”.

Fortunately, in my dream I was able to be very precise, unlike golf in real life. Unlike real life, in my dream it was more just a matter of attention. If I focused I was able to succeed and to place the ball where the guide told me. I remember holing the ball on one of the last holes by chipping it onto the green and into the hole. I was very proud of that shot and began to think I really was winning the contest but my guide, instead of celebrating, was alarmed at my pride and rolled back the turf on the green and revealed at least a dozen golf balls under the turf. He said, “You have no idea – there is so much more here to do. You must pay attention to what’s left to do.” We worked very closely, this guide and me, and I hit a flawless game in these tunnels. After that last hole, we approached the final tee but this time it was different. This time the tunnel ended halfway down the course and there was open sky beyond and a huge open field. It was an amazing sight after what had seemed like hours in the tunnels we had played through. This time my guide said, “O.K. this is the end of the game. We will win if you can hit this ball into the light beyond the tunnel. However, this is a long shot of over 250 yards and you will have only one chance to make it. If you don’t make it we lose this game. Everything rides on this last shot”. Instead of feeling alarmed, I was elated. I have hit very long balls in my short golfing “career” as a junior and it can be my best shot. I said, “Stand back and watch this one. We are going to win”. And I took the wood and hit that ball high into the light and beyond. It was a fantastic feeling of triumph watching the arc of that ball as it passed into the light, and then I woke up.

It took some time to really wake up from such an overwhelming dream. I groggily pondered the dream to try to set it to memory and decided to write it down since such vivid dreams can be important later. It took me quite a few minutes before I became aware of my problem again. Only this time there was no problem!  The pain, the nausea, the vomiting was gone. I felt weak but fine. The gallstone had passed! I had only the pleasant job of calling the doctor to cancel the surgery. This remarkable dream was a testament to my subconscious’ jokey dream translations of golf balls and gallstones and the help I got from Dr. Schwartz  (as well as my apparent ability to hit a perfect game of golf in my dreams!)
But my “guide” was right – there was a lot more work to do and there were more gallstones left to deal with. It was just the beginning of an odyssey to cure this condition naturally.

[Postscript:  November, 2012.   Five years later this patient has had no significant gallbladder problems but continues to work on improving overall health with specific chiropractic adjustments and nutritional / herbal support. I was certainly thrilled at this positive outcome; however it’s hard for me to personally take much credit for saving the gallbladder. The real healing occurred via the innate intelligence of the body-mind. If I can activate in a natural way that power that resides in each of us, it’s a good thing!]