I had been suffering from a brain injury from a bad car wreck for many years and I had developed Hashimoto's thyroiditis among other things. Even though I was being treated with thyroid medication I was always at a low ebb of energy. Some days I just couldn't even get up off the couch. I decided to call Dr. Schwartz and try some chiropractic. During the first session I felt something "shift" inside me. I felt lighter, better, somehow. The next day I got up and went outside and worked on a Koi pond project for four hours straight on a hot humid day. I lifted rocks and rebuilt the sides of the little pond without even thinking of stopping. I only quit because of the sensibility of being exposed to too much heat - otherwise I'd have kept going. I couldn't believe what a difference in my constitution after just one session. After that great start, further sessions are helping me improve on all levels. I'm thriving against all odds. Thanks ever so much. Sincerely, S. A.