I am a beekeeper and once in a while I get stung, always from my own carelessness and never while being present and working the hive.  One of these careless days, I was weeding around the hive with my long hair in a ponytail without a hat and bent over with my head pointed straight at the hive entrance when a bee took off out of the hive like a bullet to forage. It went straight onto the top of my head and got stuck in my pulled back hair.  As bees will sting when getting squished, my attempts to free the bee resulted in my getting stung on the top of the head.


By the next day my entire face was swollen to the point of my eyes swelling shut.  It took several days for the swelling to clear enough for me to be able to function in the world.  At this point I went to see Dr. Schwartz who I see for all my healing needs and explained to him what happened.  He understood how essential it was to change the allergic reaction pattern in my body to bee stings or else I would not be able to continue keeping bees.  Doc Rick used an adjustment to help my body’s own intelligence stop the allergic reaction to bee stings and create a pattern that made it "no big deal" to get stung.


Weeks later I got stung again, and sure enough it hardly hurt, there was no visible swelling or tenderness and it truly felt like "no big deal"!!


R. R.