I am a 67 year old patient of Dr. Schwartz.  I'll warn you first; there aren't enough good words to express how wonderful I think he is.  Dr. Schwartz combines the best of many different techniques to get the best results for me.   He does this in a gentle, calm manner with obvious care for me as an individual.  I have had pain from my right hip and my neck, spreading to almost all points in between for over 40 years.  I've been the patient of many chiropractors.  None have helped me as much as Dr. Schwartz.   Without ever "cracking", twisting, or causing pain, Dr. Schwartz gently convinces my body to relax back into alignment. 

After several months of seeing Dr. Schwartz on a regular basis I was totally amazed to discover that when my neck hurt I could gently put my fingers on the back of my neck and feel it move back into alignment!  That's a miracle in my book.

At times I can hear Dr. Schwartz having a quiet "conversation" with my body, asking it where the problems are, and learning what is needed for correction.  I understand very little of what he is doing, although he explains a lot throughout the adjustment.  I don't need to understand; I feel better and that's enough for me.  So I concentrate on trying to relax and being open to his healing which presents itself as a dissolution of pain.

When I am standing in front of him and he is using a tool which lightly "thumps" on my body, I can actually feel the good this is doing in each area as though inside me there is a soap bubble bursting and a thankful "Ahhhhh" feeling spreading out from that point.

So, if you have physical pain, please see Dr. Rick Schwartz.  He is an amazing chiropractor. 


J. D.




(Note: The chiropractic method used here was Koren Specific Technique. The tool that was mentioned is called the Arthostim, a low amplitude percussion device that activates mechanoreceptors and reflex points with gentle tapping.