Hey Rick,

I can't even tell I hurt my back - it is as good as new. After you adjusted it and messed

with (terminology escapes me!) my sphenoid bone, the pain dissipated in about 3 days.

Has not hurt since. THANKS! Sure don't understand how the heck that works but I

guess thatís why I am a trapper and not a chiropractor.



Note: Despite his humble manner John is a skilled wildlife biologist who works with

problem animals, particularly large predators. In this case John was carrying a heavy

load on his shoulders on uneven terrain when he stepped in a hidden hole, severely

straining sacroiliac ligaments. The shock caused compensatory muscle spasms which

produced severe pain, weakness and numbness down the affected leg. The chiropractic

methods employed were KST and SOT to balance tension in the spinal column between

the cranium and sacrum for the lower back. Also low level laser therapy and a sacroiliac

specific support belt were used to reduce inflammation and prevent reinjury. It took two

visits. Fortunately John heals fast. The innate intelligence in our bodies is a wonderful

thing. Sometimes it just needs a little push in the right direction so our body can do its

best work.