NMT has been in continuous development by Dr. Les Feinberg, DC since his initial discoveries in about 2002. At that time he was using chiropractic methods that included the use of the manual muscle test. He found that he could get a binary (yes/no) response via a muscle test simply by making a verbally query about body conditions, and that this went far beyond having a patient recall emotionally challenging events. He produced remarkable improvements in chronic pain patients by finding if the body had the inner resources to produce a healing response, and if so, directing it to execute the inner working to complete the process. He explored the concepts of Rupert Sheldrake where he found he could conceptually intervene in the morphogenetic field pattern that acts as an energetic blueprint for physical expression. Dr. Feinberg subsequently discovered that the inner healer had the capacity to change many conditions that were challenging, difficult or near impossible.


NMT is a unique form of “informational medicine” consisting of a system of therapeutic dialog between NMT practitioner and client.  NMT uses core dialogs called NMT clinical pathways, and each addresses certain aspects of body function such as allergy, autoimmune inflammation, infection, toxin load, hormone imbalance, pain and other aspects of nervous system function. These NMT pathways are used to optimize mind-body self-awareness and to unlock the potential to use unrealized options for healing. It is the innate intelligence of the body that ultimately produces the healing response, unburdened from maladapted information.


In the energy medicine realm, NMT is a blend of modern scientific knowledge with consciousness based healing intent, inspired and supported by contemporary understanding of quantum field theory.  It directs the ‘inner healer’ to update confused or erroneous information associated with a practically limitless range of conditions. This method works in tandem with the generation of an “entangled field”, as it is known in quantum physics, where there is good information flow between patient and doctor.    The field effect seems to be most powerful when there is a mutual atmosphere of love and trust. This sharing is called a “non-local event”, such that the information exchange is not dependent upon time or space - one of those strange quantum physics effects.


These concepts of energetic medicine have been explored and researched by organizations such as the Noetic Institute  and written about by many authors including Bruce Lipton with The Biology of Belief, Dean Radin with Entangled Minds, Lynn McTaggart with The Field, James Oschman with Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, and many others. Although not yet fully in the mainstream, consciousness based methods such as NMT are clearly viable and deserve much further study to probe the boundaries of human existence.




NMT: A Very Brief History of Universal Healing in a Nutshell

By Dr. Les Feinberg, DC


NMT: The Feinberg Technique is a comprehensive system of healing that truly delivers on the promise so much of the world of health care has believed would one day emerge from the field of energetic medicine. 


E=MC2 is the famous equation by which Albert Einstein explained that matter and energy were inter-convertible, one to the other, and not the two distinct forms of physical existence they had long been believed to be.  Physicists Bohr, Heisenberg, Pauli, Bohm and others later described a quantum mechanics world view that added a third term to this equation – Consciousness – spelled with a capital “C” and differentiated from the personal consciousness we all experience.  Quantum mechanics describes the origin of the first elementary particles, from which is composed all energy, from which forms all matter, as the product of Consciousness.  This is the current scientifically accepted physical theory of the universe, and not science fiction.  Consciousness is the primary “stuff” from which all that exists in our 4 dimensional space-time universe comes into being in its most primary form – the logos or logic that defines it. 


To summarize, the degree that anything exhibits optimal form and function, is the degree to which its definition at the level of logic reflects perfection.  Similarly, form that is less than optimal and function that is inefficient can be seen to represent definitions at the level of Consciousness or logos that are incoherent, incomplete, or corrupted.   So it is seen, at the most primary and indivisible level, that all the world exists as information.  So says the physics of the 21st century.


Now, imagine that we permit this quantum mechanics worldview to inform our understanding of health and disease.  Remember, if quantum theory is true, and it is the accepted worldview of physical reality for nearly a century, then quantum mechanics explains all things great and small and not just the world of elementary energetic particles.  From the quantum vantage point, we see health as the outcome of information that is complete and uncorrupted by definition of the self that unfolds into physical reality.  Similarly, we see illness as the four dimensional space-time expression of the self that is tainted by informational error.  Two centuries ago Hahnemann described illness as a consequence of informational corruption and he developed his system of homeopathic remedies to improve body function at this informational level.  D.D. Palmer used the term “quality interference” to describe the source of disease at an informational level.


The late quantum physicist and philosopher, David Bohm proposed what he called cycles of “soma-significance” by which he explained that the human mind, through conscious intention, could feed back into this informational dimension which defines all that exists in the universe.  In so doing, human consciousness can influence this process going forward, modify the very definition of self by which health or illness unfolds.  The psychologist and writer Wayne Dyer has recently popularized the concept that consciousness changes reality in his television special entitled “The Power of Intention”.  This understanding has been reflected for decades in the writings of business gurus like Napoleon Hill.  Consciousness is the motive force that manifests what occurs in our personal and our business lives.  The now classic movie, “What the Bleep Do We Know”, has introduced millions of people all over the world to an understandable quantum mechanics worldview.  A fundamental paradigm shift has occurred.


NMT: The Feinberg Technique, also known as NMT (NeuroModulation Technique), is a system of “consciousness medicine” that efficiently addresses this fundamental level at which illness and wellness are manifested.  The quantum mechanics world view suggests two very empowering and profound possibilities.  1) Illness may be interpreted on an informational level to exist as a deficiency or corruption of meaning, significance, consciousness, and logic that defines the self.  2) Consciousness can be used, by way of specific therapeutic intention to alter such informational distortion and, by so doing, improve the blueprint by which physical form and function of the body are determined.


NMT has produced excellent results in many patients suffering from degenerative diseases.  One such case is documented here with Cavitat images, an FDA approved ultrasound bone imaging technology, both pre and post NMT treatment.   The image that accompanies this article shows three cavitations, areas of osteonecrosis and bone infection that were healed completely in 4 ½ months using only NMT: The Feinberg Technique.  The images are intuitive to read with a completely filled cube representing perfectly normal bone.  No other such non-surgical healing of bone cavitation has ever been demonstrated in all of medical history to our knowledge.  Previous to NMT, the only documented cure for cavitations was surgery, which takes about a year to heal, and is prone to failure which requires repeated surgery.


NMT: The Feinberg Technique sometimes produces effects so rapid and profound that those who first witness it are startled.  In 27 NMT seminars I have demonstrated the correction of anaphylactic food allergies such that each of these patients were able to eat those previously allergenic foods – without a single case of anaphylaxis.  The photo of the young lady that is published with this article is a patient, anaphylactic to nuts, peanuts, and all shellfish, who flew to our Richland, WA NMT Advanced Symposium in September ’05 from her home in Florida.  She is shown eating coconut shrimp immediately following her NMT allergy treatment.  She had no reaction to shellfish, tree nuts, or peanuts after NMT treatment for allergy at the seminar.  In the three months since she was treated, she has had no allergy symptoms to any of these foods and has included them in her favorite foods.


NMT is used successfully by hundreds of trained health care professionals to resolve conditions such as autoimmune diseases, anaphylaxis, asthma, irritable bowel conditions, chronic fatigue, infectious conditions, emotional problems, and many others. Chronic pain of many years can be quickly and durably corrected with NMT: The Feinberg Technique.  NMT uses simple forms of biofeedback in a way that permits the practitioner to literally look at the way the body has defined its own illness and to immediately correct such confusion in the system and eliminate the reason for illness.  NMT should be seen as a powerful integrative approach to health care, compatible with and complementary to allopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, psychology, and other professions.