PSE (psycho – mind, soma – body) is a revolutionary modality based upon research that examined ancient theories of body energetics in the context of modern biophysics and complex homeopathic treatment developments.

German physician and researcher, Dr. Reimar Banis, developed technology that could be used in a clinical setting to identify energetic influences in the body believed to cause disease, healing and wellness. This device, called the REBA machine, facilitated his research and continues to be helpful for clinicians to quantify the depth and type of these energetic distortions in the body. It works by first selecting, and then introducing progressively stronger (however subtle) electromagnetic frequencies to the body field. The point at which a body language indicator shows a stress response gives a reading of the vitality of the system and its ability to react appropriately to environmental challenges. The body language biofeedback tool that is used is either a manual muscle test or an arm length reflex test as practiced in Europe. 

Dr. Banis found that in the context of PSE, emotional conflicts that cannot be processed by the patient become repressed and stored in the human subtle energy field. Here they lead an energetic life of their own, somewhat like a parasite, depleting the host’s energy reserves and contributing to a wide range of physical and/or mental disorders. It is these hidden unresolved emotional conflicts that are the primary focus with this method.

Patients may feel these conflicts like a heavy load in the mind and physical body. When a conflict remains unresolved, the body may progressively acclimatize, coping with the energy depletion. Eventually a person might dissociate their symptoms from the original cause and become accustomed to experiencing a new “normal”. For centuries, healers, shamans, counselors and therapists have spoken and written about the physical influence that unresolved emotional conflicts and lifestyle stressors impose upon the physical body. PSE research was undertaken to empower practitioners to achieve resolution of these complaints.

Treatment consists of individually selected complex homeopathics, which greatly expand upon Bach Flower remedy concepts from the last century. They were developed and refined by empirical clinical experience, and work deeply over a period of time to shift emotional patterns that prevent the expression of greatest human potential. Although each person may be holding several of these conflicts, only the highest priority conflict is focused on for a period of time. Given the depth of these issues, it is common for resolution of each conflict to take from one to several months. This is not a quick fix therapy. Although its application is fairly simple, the results can be quite profound. Once the correct homeopathic remedy is determined, this remedy is used daily by putting drops under the tongue, or by putting a daily dose in a water bottle to drink throughout the day. To make profound changes in the inner conflicts that can adversely influence or filter the way we perceive the world, and ultimately create our reality, it obviously takes gentle change over time.    


PSE is now used worldwide. Thousands of practitioners have been utilizing PSE in Europe over the past 20 years and have demonstrated the benefits to numerous patients. Several research studies confirm the exceptional effectiveness of this method. PSE was first introduced to North America via Canada, and is currently gaining awareness in the U.S. practitioner community.