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Dr. Michael Lebowitz, DC has practiced the art and science of applied kinesiology for close to 30 years. He has been a prolific writer, authoring 2 books, and over 60 articles while maintaining practices in Arizona and Hawaii. He attracts patients from around the globe and has treated many professional athletes (MLB, NHL, NFL, cyclists, runners, boxers, ballet, etc.) as well as many physicians. During this time, Dr. Lebowitz has developed many techniques that are presently used by well over a thousand physicians in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. His research and innovation have brought much in the way of testing techniques and academics to alternative medicine in the fields of dysbiosis (fungus, parasites, bacteria, virus, etc.), food sensitivities, toxic metals, hormone imbalance, chemical and electromagnetic field sensitivity, nutrient deficiencies, as well as neurological desensitization techniques.

The basic method involves the use of test vials placed in the body’s field while observing changes to a muscle test in response to this energetic challenge. These vials are made by Life-Work Potential Ltd. In the UK by Jane Thurnell-Read  
www.lifeworkpotential.com .  By blind testing with many vials available from suppliers around the world, Dr. Lebowitz discovered consistently greater reliability with this source of testing vials. In addition, he has found ways to reduce false negatives and increase accuracy. Although this type of test can’t be considered a medical diagnosis, the information that it provides is valuable for determining natural treatment protocols and helping to select nutritional supplement and herbal support. The advantage is ease of application. It is quick, inexpensive and non-invasive, thus permitting real-time monitoring of targeted issues. Ultimately, the response of patients provides an evidence base that helps refine this method.

Once a reactive vial is located, possible herbal or nutritional solutions to the challenge are placed together in the body’s field, and observed for change. If a muscle that tests weaker with a challenge vial becomes stronger with the addition of a specific herb or nutritional supplement - that would be considered beneficial and therapeutic. The highest priority and most effective remedies are further determined. Often this is found to be a small number of single herbs rather than complex combinations since a combination may contain both beneficial and incompatible substances, and could dilute the benefit of the correct remedy.

Dr. Lebowitz has researched a small line of natural remedies that have a positive broad spectrum effect, with high quality control verified by blind testing from an independent panel of applied kinesiologists, and which are not available anywhere else. For a discussion and more technical information regarding these herbal remedies, go to
www.michaellebowitzdc.com and click on “Supreme Nutrition Products Info”.

Dr. Lebowitz’s research clearly demonstrates how unique and variable over time are the needs of each person in relation to a particular condition.
 I have found this method useful for testing many other substances and nutritional supplements for both tolerance and effectiveness.