This all sounds very different from the last chiropractor I saw. Why are there so many kinds of chiropractors?

Chiropractic is a highly diverse profession fueled by the creative spark of many dedicated healers. Each chiropractor blends their clinical experience with patient preference and ends up with a unique practice based on the accumulated evidence of their successes. Although the methodology used by individual chiropractors can vary a lot, the common denominator is the restoration of health by assisting the natural healing capacity of the body, rather than by attempting to suppress unpleasant symptoms. This is a basic difference between real health care and disease management. Chiropractic philosophy naturally puts it in the realm of true health care.

There are scores of different chiropractic “techniques”, each with a different emphasis.  Although every doctor of chiropractic follows a similar 4 year training curriculum, and must pass both national and state board licensing exams, it’s really the post graduate studies that many doctors participate in that make up most of the individual differences and specialties. In the Techniques and Methods section of this website, you’ll observe a sampling of those that I have enjoyed studying through the years. My practice would be characterized as broad based and wellness oriented. As a holistic health practitioner, I work with the body on multiple intersecting levels including structure, biochemistry, emotions and energetics. I prefer to have a large “tool box” for addressing a wide range of issues.