If such little force can restore balance, why doesnít my back go out every time I get a bump or jolt in daily life?

The body has innate resilience and adaptive capacity so itís designed to handle fairly large physical stresses. It can usually maintain internal balance and optimal function despite the bumps and bruises of life. However, conditions of lowered vitality combined with unprepared, overwhelming shocks or repetitive stress can initiate confusion in the nervous system. These stresses can be physical, chemical or mental. Under these conditions, the process of adapting to the environment can become inaccurate or misdirected. Sometimes the body gets into a feedback loop where the stress causes a reaction, which causes another stress, which causes another reaction until the looping is maintained as a physical symptom. Think kinked neck, tight shoulders, high blood pressure or indigestion. Once you have a strongly malfunctioning system, it doesnít necessarily require an equally large force to restore balance. It may simply need a directive for accurate feedback provided by a non-force chiropractic adjustment, or the remediation of any nutritional deficiencies or the elimination of toxins. The innate intelligence of your body has a strong drive for survival, health and repair. The chiropractic adjustment may be the little push in the right direction that your body needs to reestablish its natural balance. The body naturally resists disruptive shocks if it can, and resonates with the organizing information that an adjustment provides.