How long will it take for my condition to heal?

This can only be answered in the context of the condition, whether it is an acute physical injury, a chronic pain syndrome, or a complex metabolic issue that has eluded conventional medical treatment. It also depends on how much personal vitality can be accessed, with many factors unique to the individual such as lifestyle, nutrition, or emotional stress playing a large part. Although the rate of healing is variable, if a positive direction can be maintained with focus and dedication, applying consistent measures that support the healing process, even severely challenging issues may be eventually overcome.

The standard healing time for acute soft tissue injuries is 6 to 8 weeks, although itís common to significantly improve on that. Chronic metabolic issues may take many months to turn around, and require dedication and patience. It may be possible to make an informed guess by observing the healing trend after a few weeks of treatment but there is a lot of variation.