How should I dress for a chiropractic visit?

Simply wear loose and layered comfortable clothing. During a visit, I usually have you remove your shoes and any bulky outer clothing. Iím able to palpate and adjust through typical clothing. Clothes that would be comfortable when I check the strength of specific muscles in different positions are best. For women it is preferable to wear pants rather than a dress, although itís not critical.

Cell phones are a common problem beyond just being an interruption or distraction when they ring in the middle of an office visit. In order to search for possible incoming calls, these phones send high frequency EMF pings to the nearest cell tower several times a minute. This silent pulse creates background static in the subtle communication that occurs during a visit, and may interfere with the ability to locate critical subluxations. This is even more important when working with homeopathic remedies. Please turn it physically off (not just muted) unless you are dealing with a current emergency.

Perfume, scents and/or essential oils are another possible problem in that they fill the surrounding space with a chemical signature that can be similarly distracting. To some patients who are chemically sensitive, it can even pose a health hazard with unfortunate adverse reactions. Please refrain from using scents of any kind, however natural.