How do you know where and what to adjust?

Since pain can be a poor indicator of the source of a physical problem, I prefer to look for other indicators of stressful physiology that may be causing the pain. A broad term that I like to use for these methods of reading the body is body language biofeedback. The goal is to evaluate which neurological pathways are pushed beyond their tolerance levels and become disrupted or disconnected when further stress is applied.

The way this works in practice is to first challenge places on the body in a manner that may cause a reaction or response, however subtle. These challenges may include things such as a gentle push or pull, compression or traction, touch, position, exposure to substances, or thoughts of stressful situations, to give a few examples.

Next, any reactions are observed via a feedback mechanism. Techniques of checking the body in this way include manual muscle testing developed within Applied Kinesiology, the occipital drop reflex used by Koren Specific Technique, leg and arm reflex testing from SacroOccipital Technique or Activator Method, and subtle types of direct palpation used to sense the results of maladapted neurology or physiology.

Finally the body is corrected with either a force or a substance that satisfies the body by negating the stress reactions found with the original challenge.

For example, if pushing a vertebra to the left causes a stress reaction such as a weakening of an indicator muscle, then a corrective force is introduced to the vertebra on the right. As described, I prefer to use the gentle tapping of an Arthrostim instrument, but various other methods can be used.

 If a stressful memory produces a cranial distortion called the occipital drop, then corrective points that negate this distortion are quickly identified by experience, trial and error, or intuition. The appropriate corrective points are then adjusted until the original emotional stressor no longer causes an occipital distortion.

Substances introduced into the energetic field of the body may produce a reaction of this type. If so, other substances such as nutritional supplements that are known to support the body in the presence of the original stressor are simultaneously introduced until the body no longer reacts with one of these indicators.     

The efficiency of an adjustment, or the selection of nutritional supplements is greatly improved by this process of “Challenge, Check and Correct”. It allows a virtual pre-test for effectiveness before its actual application.