Why do you sometimes adjust in places that it doesn’t hurt?

The physical body communicates, regulates itself, and maintains homeostasis as an integrated complex system. The pain mechanism is only a small part of that overall communication. Besides the familiar nervous system, which controls the function of many components of the body, there are other less familiar (and perhaps less understood) regulatory systems. These include properties of the fascia, meninges and dura such as tensegrity, extracellular matrix and ground regulation. Research continues to advance regarding subtle electromagnetic field characteristics, biophoton communication, and mechanisms of the acupoint meridian system.

All of these systems are likely to be influenced by the chiropractic adjustment. If priority body indicators point to the need for a specific adjustment, satisfying that need will bring greater overall function regardless of the pain at that location. Although pain can be attention getting, it may not be the only priority for the body. In a chiropractic visit, separate areas with be adjusted that address pain and/or function, and they will occur sequentially according to priority, as indicated by body feedback.